Konami to release PES 2017 football game for Android

Konami plans to release a mobile version of its famous PES 2017 football game soon on Android.

There was a time when FIFA and PES were fighting neck and neck to become the reference of the game of football on gaming consoles. Over the years, it is clear that Electronic Arts (FIFA) took a clear advantage over Konami (PES) by becoming the favorite to be played on consoles. KonamiĀ  announced barely two years ago that it left aside the consoles games to concentrate on the market of the mobile game.

PES 2017 android game 2017

While EA has released its mobile equivalent of the FIFA 2017 game under the sober name of FIFA Mobile on the Play Store, PES 2017 should point its nose in the month of May 2017. This adaptation of the game released on console in 2016 has of course been thought for the smaller and tactile screen of our smartphones. The gameplay does not change; it is always a matter of embodying your favorite teams in season campaigns and online games.

Now, you can easily play the game in real time with your friends.

PES 2017 is a free-to-play and knows that if you pre-register now, you can unlock the world-class players. To do this, visit the Play Store & unlock your favorite players.

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